API - Documentation


Use the drop down "Classes" in the menu to select a class or check out the "Globals" for the global variables.

If you are looking for a starting point, go to the globals and start with the company object you always have.

To see an overview of all classes go here.

General hints

  • You will never need to (and you cannot) create your own new objects. If you need something you can always get it from somewhere, for example Food is delivered to company.foodDelivery = function(foodDelivery) after you have've ordered it via company.grocer.order(...).

Class categorization

The game has not too many classes and they all fall under 4 different categories:

  • Central entities: ApplicationProfile, Company, Employee, Establishment, FoodUnit, Grocer, HumanResources, MenuEntry, RealEstateProfile
  • Containers (all behave also like a List): ApplicationProfiles, FoodDelivery, Menu, RealEstateProfiles
  • Pure data transport classes: DailyStatistics, DataPair, Iterator, List, Set
  • Utility classes: Console


Click here to see the tutorial. You can reset your code to default here as well.


Click here to see the FAQ.